Environmental Policy

SPI Global Play realise that planned prevention or reduction of pollution is cheaper than rectifying after the event. It therefore makes sense to minimise waste and pollution to reduce the long term costs, e.g. treat and recycle water rather than pay extraction and discharge costs.

Our policy begins with a consideration of the impact of the Company's activities on both the local and wider communities and will take account of transportation of finished product discharge of emissions and waste

The Company therefore has the following commitments and objectives to :

  1. Comply with all relevant statutory regulation
  2. Maintain appearances and the highest environmental standards within the company
  3. Take positive steeps to conserve scare and non-renewable resources
  4. Assess, in advance if possible, environmental effects of new processes and developments
  5. Provide necessary information to enable proper use, storage and disposal of company products to avoid harm to the environment
  6. Provide necessary information to enable employees to operate processes properly and minimise effects on man and the environment


To Develop the business paying full regard to the environment and taking into account the view of all parties whose interest may be affected

The Company will act in accordance with appropriate codes of practice

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