Designing for Play


The creative output of our design team places us way in front of others in the market place, both in terms our technical ability, and creative flair. The large design team cover not only play structure design but graphic design, character illustration and new product development. Using high tech 3D design software you can always guarantee something new and fresh from SPI Global Play, whether you have a large or small requirement.

Our New Product Development team is committed to develop new play items and concepts to increase the technology and fun element of your structure.

A successful play area isn’t not just about the play structure - have you considered the following?

Reception area

  • Secure in and out system
  • Separate party VIP check in area to avoid confusion with other children
  • Access for wheelchairs and double buggies, ramps if needed.

Café area

  • Choose your flooring carefully, children are in socks most of the time
  • Choose furniture with round edges
  • Should be close enough so parents can get a drink whilst leaving their younger children
  • Not too close to your reception area

Party Rooms

  • Close to kitchen area, separate door to party rooms is ideal
  • Children's furniture is useful, carry on the theme of the play area into the party rooms
  • A special chair for the birthday host to sit in (e.g. throne)

Liability Insurance

  • We will advise you on all issues relating to your liability insurance. Certain items in the play frame carry a higher weighting with your insurance company.

To assist you, SPI Global Play can put you in touch with companies who offer liability insurance for the play industry.


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STEP 6. Once you've agreed your designs you move on to the build stage.

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