How to fund my Idea


Lease purchase is an increasingly popular way of financing the play frame and equipment. It can also prove to be more cost effective. We can put you in contact with companies that have experience in financing indoor play areas and we would recommend that you call them directly for an approximate quotation for your particular project. Mention that we have referred you so they are familiar with the nature of your enquiry.

If you are at the state where you now need an accurate lease proposal, you will need to supply them with the following information:

  • 3 months personal/business bank statements
  • Personal net worth statement to include private equity deals, e.g. house value and outstanding mortgage
  • Business plan including projected figures
  • Details of business premises tenure
  • Relevant personal experience
  • Amount of deposit available
  • Details of secondary income


If you have any questions on financing please click here to get in touch. 


STEP 5. You've got your building and the finance is in place now how do you design it to maximise your offering?

Click here for a checklist of some of the key issues to consider.